A New Website

So my first post is – Yes, I have built a new website and here it is. I had heard from an advertising client that my old web site was looking a little dated. It had been up all of about four years (pre HTML5/CSS3 and none responsive). So it was time for a new look and a new type of website (CMS here we come). The other driving force was coming out of retirement on doing the ad agency gig. I had run the agency, Van Rossen & Associate, up until 2007 when business in photography and graphic design got to be sufficient I could do just fine on creative work. That went great until 2008 when the big collapse came. I have to say after the collapse I did spend about three plus years playing semi-retired and just being a shooter. That was all great fun and adventure but I really did not have the money for full retirement. So it was time to start a new gig.

In the last six months I have run into a several small business friends whom I had found just had not kept up on the way the advertising world had change. They were stuck in the past on old media. As far as Internet marketing went all they knew was you had to get a high school kid to build your website with lots of bells and whistles (content, what content) and that Facebook was a communist plot to destroy the youth of America (well, I guess the jury is still out on that one). They had no idea about how the Internet could rationally and effectively work into their overall marketing and advertising program. By this time I had completed about 70 online courses about all things Internet for keeping my own little web world empire going. I was rather taken aback that these older but savvy business owners were so out of touch with what was happening on the Internet. So this got me started with the idea to bring back the agency. To be able to talk to older clients about advertising in the fashion they new but be able to have it show up on the new Internet media. To help filter out the hype and buzzwords and show that buyer behavior had not change but maybe we talk to people buy some new channels now.

So this site is my first shot at putting this all together. I am sure this is just version 1 and I will see a need to start working on version 1.2 some time soon. But for now let the games begin.