The old saying goes, “If you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door.” Advertisers add, “If the world doesn’t know you have build this mouse trap no one will ever show up at your door.”

Advertising is truly the art of persuasive communication. To let the world know about your “mouse trap.” The goals and objectives here are communication. Advertising works to build awareness, to inform, to create desire, to move a customer along the buying decision process. And if the marketing program succeeds and customers buys, advertising makes them feel good about their decision and brings them back to buy again. Next time they might even bring their friends.

Creating that message, that bit of persuasive communion to accomplish the goals and objectives is important. The message is unique to every business and it must be honest to that business. Depending on the business the message could be simple and straightforward or wildly imaginative. This all happens in the real world so the budget must be considered. The Budget has a big effect on the communication channel or how do we get our message to future and past customers These channels, medias, town crier, have been rapidly changing the last ten years. So a good advertising plan has to incorporate all of this, a persuasive message, a way to tell it to the largest appropriate audience and do it on budget.

Sahsa Catalog CoverOnce the advertising plan is created there is the need to execute all of this correctly, in a timely manner and once again on budget. I have been creating advertising plans and executing them for my clients for the last 35 years. I would love to discuss your advertising needs and how I can help you with persuasive communication to bring in new customers and retain your current customers.