Building Your Community

Your Customer Base

As with any business it is nice to have repeat customer. It is even better having good, loyal customers. In marketing we know it is a lot harder to get a new customer then keep an existing customer. But with your competition trying to woo your customers away from you you cannot take them for granted. The Internet offers several excellent tools to integrated into a marketing loyalty program to help keep your community of customers. These tool are Social Media,  Email Marketing,  and blog/what’s new.

Social Media

I recently saw a website that offer to open accounts on 550 of the most popular Social Media sites for you for a fee. Really!? 550 popular social media websites. Let get real here people. So Social Media maybe going through a little bit of a bubble right now. And those advocating you have to be on all of the popular social media sites in order for your business to survive my be the same folks who wanted you to by stock at the top of the Internet bubble or buy a house for investment at the peak of the housing boom. Do you just write off Social Media from your marketing program, no that is not the answer either. Like so many things you have to get back to fundamental and what will work with your business style.

Social Media is the latest form of talking to your neighbor over the backyard fence, or chatting at the water cooler, or socializing while “doing lunch”, or the ancient technology of talking to a friend on a land line phone. Our human behavior of being a social animal still remains. Social Media is just the new backyard fence to talk over (maybe a very long backyard fence). For it to work effectively and long term for a business you needs that kind of approach. Not all Social Media websites are the same. The challenge is finding the ones that will work best for your business personality and your overall marketing strategy. And ones your customers will use and stay with. I take this into account when building an Internet marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

There is a lot of email marketing that is done wrong. Emails sent to someone who never asked for it, not letting someone op-out of your list, sent to someone who is not interested in your business, sending information that is not informative and sent to often. Welcome to the world of SPAM and why they invented SPAM filters. But if done right your customers will actually look forward to your email and you can end up on their white list. When done right and your emails can help you retain your community of customers and keep buyers coming back.

Done very simple email marketing might be just a notice of an up coming sale sent a few times a year. Done more effectively you enter another realm of self-publishing that can be very rewarding. The basics of good email marketing is finding and knowing your audience and knowing what news is. There are a lot of devils in the details on that and I can help with all of that.

Blog/What’s New

With “blog/what’s new” you are creating new web content. This little notion has strands that go in so many directions on the Internet. When done right you can gain followers and build community. It can build links, improve ranking on search engines, improve credibility and give content to re-purpose. When done wrong it is a waste of time. There is so much tied up with “blogs/what’s new” it is hard to come up with a simple statement about it. But lets get together I will tell you all about it and what it can do for your business.