People Want to Know

Content Marketing

The world has finally come to realize the World Wide Web is about information or content. Having information people are interested in and will actually seek out. I started with this idea back in 2001 with my Modeling Advice web site and built it up to 60,000 unique visitors a day. They were coming to the site because they had questions they needed answers to. The static information site could hold its own until about 2010 when Google introduced new search algorithms with the release of Panda. Content can be king on the web but it takes new and varied forms now. Unlike fine wine or first edition leather bound book websites do not age well and need regular updating.

The idea of a business providing good information to users on the web is now coined in the term “Content Marketing.” This can take a number of different forms. It could be your website talking about what you do and what you offer. It can also be where you answer common questions your customers often ask. It could be telling about what is happen in your industry. I basic idea is that you are an expert in your field and you are sharing your knowledge that your customers would be interested in.

Blog/What’s New

With “blog/what’s new” you are creating new web content. This little notion has strands that go in so many directions on the Internet. When done right you can gain followers and build community. It can build links, improve ranking on search engines, improve credibility and give content to re-purpose. When done wrong it is a waste of time. There is so much tied up with “blogs/what’s new” it is hard to come up with a simple statement about it. But lets get together I will tell you about it and what it can do for your business.