Graphic Design

Photo – Graphics

I consider may approach to graphic design as a photo as oppose to an illustrator. I am not the one to design your logo I am the one to deliver the ad that will sell your product.

SycamoreCreekCatalogcoverTestAt the heart of that advertising piece will be a great photograph. I have done many print projects over the years including post cards, brochures, sells sheets, catalogs, newspaper ads, and magazine ads all are centered on the photo. I have spent my share of time standing at the end of four and six color presses doing press checks.  Today the web offer new design possibilities to bring a business story told by photographs to life.

The other common item all of the projects I have worked on over the last 35 years is almost no budget. This has meant packing in as much product as possible for most possible sales but try to make it “look designery” too. This has also meant working with gang printer on small projects and getting larger projects printed with printers at a distance where I could get the best price. The new technology has brought the cost of a printed piece way down from where it once was. It has also meant being able to dress up a project more at no additional cost. But the bottom line is still critical and ROI even more.