Jewelry Photography

Gemstone and jewelry photography accounts for the bulk of my commercial work. I have worked with this subject and the Jewelry Industry since 1981. During this time I have developed and built over a dozen special lighting set-ups that make jewelry pieces look their best. This variety of set-ups not only gives creative options when photographing jewelry but also helps solve technical problems that arise with things like phenomenal gemstones and unusual (creative) jewelry designs. These special lighting set-ups also work great on other very small products for advertising or editorial (ball bearings to coffee beans).

My jewelry photography is based on ”in camera work” and not a Photoshop composite. I work to create the best possible photograph at the start so Photoshop can enhance the image not salvage it. I mostly work with small manufacturers, designers, non-chain retailers and craft artist who have very small budget, so my work focuses on the piece of jewelry and not a concept. This approached has worked well for my clients to achieve their visual needs. More samples and information on my jewelry photography can be found at my site