When I got out of college many years ago marketing seemed so clear. We had a simple definition of “to provide a product or service to fill the wants and desire of a consumer at a profit while being socially and environmental conscious.” Through the years I have found marketing can cover a vast area and there is nothing simple about it. Marketing is concerned with everything that moves the final product into the final customers hands. My part of this is communication. Where do we tell customers about what you have and what do we say to them to want what you have. Having a well planned out marketing program is essential to be able to do that. I have found at times owners may have the plan in their head but it needs to be on paper so we are all know what it is. This way we are all on the same page to know the goals and objectives we are working toward. I have worked with small business owners to help get this marketing plan on paper. From this key starting point a sales program can be built and the use of persuasive communication can assist it.

I have a very strong background in the jewelry and gemstone industry. At times this has blended into fashion with fashion accessories. It also blends into arts and crafts with metal, art glass and ceramics. So all of this gives me a pretty good feel for luxury markets and niche markets.