I took to heart many years ago the old saying “ a picture is worth a thousand word.” A strong visual image can convey so much information and emotion that there were times a photograph has changed the course of human history. I haven’t yet created any photographs on that scale but I have created plenty that have helped clients sell their products or a magazine to convey an editorial idea. Even though a search engine cannot read a photograph to help your search rankings people can. In this busy world being able to tell your story quickly in a photo has great value over hoping someone other then a search engine robot will take time to read a thousand words.

Orchid1I remember when I started I wanted to be a photographer and create photographs on film. Photographs rich in detail and depth of color that someone could study it for a long time. Now I have an all-digital workflow and doing image acquisition. I am engineering an image deciding what to do in camera during the acquisition process and what is best done in Photoshop after capture. There are some marvelous capabilities this process offers but the color fidelity still sucks compared to transparency film. But because the media an image will finally be displayed on today also sucks and everyone has come to accept that, it all works out OK. Besides the viewer is only going to look at photo for an average of five seconds on the Internet so great depth color and detail is not needed. Fortunately, it still works out if you create an image with enough visual impact and concise message that five seconds is all you need to start the process of getting a looker to become a buyer. And at the bottom line that is what commercial photography is all about.

I would like to think after this many years I could do a great job of photographing anything but the reality is my work has concentrate in a few areas. You can follow the links below to take you to portfolios that show samples of the work I have done.

tinatreefullJewelry Photography

Product Photography

People Photography

Scenic Photography

I now have a collection of stock image up at ShutterStock. This link will take you there.