Public Relations

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My client Curtis Australia on the cover of Stylus Magazine

Years ago providing new product publicity packets to certain industry trade publications for clients made up a significant part of my business. With my early schooling and work in photojournalism this was an easy fit for me. This is an area that has seen incredible change over the last ten years. With the decline of print media and the rapid expansion of self-publishing on the Internet, PR has taken on an expanded role. For business areas like blogs, social media, email newsletters and content marketing all represent a self-publishing form of Public Relations and publicity. Unfortunately most folks doing this never were schooled in the fundamentals of journalism and their PR effort instead of being an effective tool has alienated many customers. In the case of very small business it may well have lead to a lot of owner and staff time being consumed on practices that have shown little or no return. Public Relations through old and new medias can be an effective part of ones communication program if done right but it requires a program with the right blend for business and customers.

 Outside source or internal

My client Lee Haga’s bracelet on the cover of Art Jewelry Magazine

PR has been called “free advertising.” Yes, you don’t have to pay for media but the time that is put into getting that placement is anything but free. A good PR/publicity program requires a blending of what can be done internally and what needs to be out source. But as with marketing and advertising a clear plan needs be laid out so all who are involved are on the same page. This is also important to do for Internet self-publishing. What I can do can do is help to layout a custom program for your business, help prepare your people to work on the program and provide the outside resources that might be needed.