How to Get Found

Finding Your Website

A website can be a great marketing, advertising and sales tool but it is worthless if nobody can find it. For a website to be found it takes off and online approaches to let people know you are there. Fortunately there are many ways to do this.

The off line approach is pretty simple and most business have been doing this for years. Be sure all of your traditional advertising includes your website address. You can also include copy in traditional advertising directing folks to your website for more information or special promotion or what ever. Offline can get more complex if need be but just a simple approach can go a long way. I work with my clients to be sure all of the traditional marketing tools harmonize with the online efforts.

So what about your online efforts. This becomes a marvelous mix of techie babble. A mix of SEO, blogging, social media, content marketing, link building and what ever comes next. It requires an online strategy that needs to be built into everything you do on the Internet. Can this eat up a bunch of your time or cost a lot of money, YES! So it is important to find the low hanging fruit and start with that. You need to find the strategy that best fits with the businesses personality. And I can help with all of this.