The Website

Almost everyone uses the Internet today. This now cuts across all age groups and social economic classes. The Internet is accessed through desktop and lap top computers, tablets and smart phones. The devices that can access the Internet are ever growing and people are turning more often to the Internet for the information they need. It is critical today for almost all business to have a website that offers potential customer the experience they have come to expect.

Your website can be a fantastic marketing, advertising and sales tool. Built properly it can provide information and experiences that can move someone who is just looking into someone who is buying. It can also bring that buyer back again and get them to bring their friends. When you consider the ROI it is a bargain.

I have been building websites since 2001. This has meant both what to put on a website and how the site works. This has included how people interact with a sit, how the site blends with the business, developing the content and graphics for the site and creating and adapting the programming code to make the site work. Today’s sites create an informative, interactive problem solving experience for the user. Or simply put future and current customers can find information they need quickly and easily. Of course we use a little persuasive communication along the way to help them make up their minds. As a former retail boss I worked for would say, “we are not running a museum hear, buy something.”

Your website needs to be kept current. With eighty percent of the US market now having access to high speed Internet and the rapid adoption of smart phone and tablet a website build five years ago can look and feel ancient (I know I have a few of mine I still need to update). Unlike a fine wine or a first edition leather bound book websites do not improve with age. Your website needs to offer the best experience for users depending on the device they are using to view it. If your current website does not do this then it is time to update it.