Web Development

Your Internet Presences

The last 15 years has seen the Internet become a crucial element in marketing, advertising and Public Relations for business. For some businesses it is their only tool. It is a channel that most businesses have adopted to some level and it can not be ignored. It also changes so fast that it requires constant knowledge update to keep up with it. I know first hand after four years and 85 online seminar and classes later. But coming from a background of communication it is marvelous what it can do.

A business Internet presence does not stand alone. To be most effective and useful it should blend in and work with the rest of the marketing program. Having years of experience in traditional marketing and adverting and now having been immersed in Internet marketing I can help you bring together an effective program.

I view an Internet program encompasings five areas

The Website

How do folks find your website

Building a community of customers

What people want to know

The Technology that is needed