Graham Oaks – Tonquin Trail Walk

This was a very wet walk. I returned with Lori, Jeanette and Sylvia to show them the Graham Oaks Nature Park and Tonquin Trail that I had scouted a week earlier. This was also a chance to once again test our rain gear. We did a shorter route then I had done before because two hours in constant rain was enough.

After our walk we went to RAM Restaurant & Brewhouse for lunch.

Graham Oaks Nature Park Walk

An Exploratory walk of Graham Oaks Nature Park and the Northern part of the Tonquin Trail and South to Arrow Creek Park. I covered 7 3/4 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Started out freezing cold but warmed up by the time I finished. This is the land of the labradoodle.

Rock Creek Trail

An exploratory of Rock Creek Trail Starting at Bethany Lake and first going to the west end then heading east to Waterhouse Trail.