Outing to Olympia

Tumwater Falls with Closed Olympia Brewery behind

Loir and I did a visit to Olympia to see the Brewery Park at Tumwater and Tumwater Historical Part. A lot of history there. Early on it provide water power for different industries and even had the for electrical power station in the area. It is best known for the beer brewery that opened in the eighteen hundreds and used water from artesian wells to brew the beer. They have done a good job of setting the place up for visitor. Afterwards we went to Papa Bears for lunch.

Nick Eaton – Gordon Creek Loop

I had not done a long hike in a long while. I want one that would be a good conditioning hike take me back to a trail I had not been on in many years so I took on the Nick Eaton – Gordon Creek Trail Loop. I actual set off to do the Nick Eaton – Casey Creek – Herman Creek Trails Loop but found when I got to Casey Creek it was no more. Another trail a victims of the fire. Much of Nick Eaton Trail was burned over by the fire leaving it in very bad condition. Gordon Creek trail also had several areas burned over with one so bad I had to use my GPS to find may way through it. So a lot of bad trail and a longer then planned on route gave me a long hard day of hiking.

Hike was 14.25 miles, 4325 total Gain , Time 7:22 moving, 1:22 stop , Moving Average 2 mph