Graham Oaks Nature Park Walk

An Exploratory walk of Graham Oaks Nature Park and the Northern part of the Tonquin Trail and South to Arrow Creek Park. I covered 7 3/4 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Started out freezing cold but warmed up by the time I finished. This is the land of the labradoodle.

Rock Creek Trail

An exploratory walk of Rock Creek Trail Starting at Bethany Lake and first going to the west to Powerline Park and then East to Waterhouse Waterhouse Trail. The trail goes through several parks and the Rock Creek Greenway. It was built through a powerline corridor and rainwater runoff creek.

Picture gallery of walk

Tualatin River Greenway Trail

This was an exploritory walk of the Tualatin River Greenway Trail. I started a Tualatin Community Park and made my way through the downtown to reach the newer part of the trail. This trail begins by tell the story of the Ice Age Floods and ends with the building of the Plank Road. There is a lot to see and read on this section. The trail goes on to the Brown’s Ferry Park and a little ways further and ends. This was my turn around point. From here I headed back taking some alternitive trails and checking out some side trails. I did a side trip through the heart of Tualatin at the pond and returned to my starting point. Next was to explore going North to Cook Park. This section was not very interesting and had more people. I then returned to my car. I did about 7.5 miles in 3.5 hours.