Scappoose Dike Photo Shoot

I went out for a photo shoot this morning. This was to test gear, practice shooting technique, work with the camera and get some images. I am finding I like this Scappoose Dike walk with a great verity of subject matter and ever changing conditions. With in a couple of miles walk I can go from an old pier to farm to harbor to nursery and more. Plus it is only a 20 minute drive from my house.

Kelley Point Park

I had some new photo gear to test and it was a beautiful morning so I stayed close to home and went out to Kelley Point Park. There was new green on the trees, the lighting was low, big cargo ships docked, all made for good conditions to play with some cameras for a few hours.

WSU Vancouver More Trails

I returned to Washington State University in Vancouver to explore the rest of the Cougar Trails. I started by going up to highest elevation that gave me great early morning views of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. I then headed over to the wooded trails that run along Mill Creek. Next I did some connector trails that took me over to Pleasant Valley Community Park. From there I made my way back to my car. The Cougar Trails take you through a number of environments from college campus to open fields to woodland to wetlands to flowing creeks and gives you great mountains view to running water to enjoy. Plus many enjoyable people to meet along the trail.