Full Hole in the Park hike

I was on the trail before 6 am to take another crack at doing the full Hole in the Park hike. I was wearing my regular hiking boots with wool soaks to not have a blister problem this time. Today the weather forecast was for clouds, no rain and mild temperatures. The trail had some muddy patches after all the rain we had had but I was really enjoying all of the fresh green along the trail. I got the whole route in at 10.5 miles and a little over 2000 ft. elevation gain. It took longer then when I was younger at a little under five hours.

Hole in the Park hike

I went for a conditioning hike in Forest Park and started out just a little before day break. I was going to do a longer hike but I am still not getting my boots and socks matched up right so I cut it short before getting blisters. I did about 9 miles, 1700 ft. gain in a little under 4 hrs. On the BPA road section of the hike I had many flowers blooming.