Memorial, Molalla Parks

We wanted to do a get together after the holidays but weather and injuries prevented us from doing a walk or a hike so we did a little scouting with lunch. Lori, Jeanette and I first headed down to Wilsonville to do a quick check of Memorial Park. The Park offers some trails and could work into a longer hike with connecting over to Boones Ferry Park. Next we were close to where Jeanette planted a tree and placed a remembrance marker for her decease husband and wanted to show use where it was. The area had changed a lot so it took us a while to track down the spot. From here we are off for one of Lori’s favorites a car ferry ride across the Willamette River. This lead us to the Molalla River State Park close by the ferry landing. After a quick drive through the park and seeing it would not work out for future outings it was time for lunch at the Backstop Bar & Grill in Canby. So a day low on walking in the rain but high on poking our noises into places and having a good social time.