Persuasive Communication

by Daniel Van Rossen

To boil it down – what I do is to help you sell your product or service. Why do I think I can help you? Over the past 35 years I have worked with hundreds of small business, really mom and pop shops, to help them successfully sell their product or service. For some it may have been to provide a photograph that showed their product at its best, for others it has been to create and execute a marketing and advertising program that brought in new customers and retained and increase sales to current customers. Today I am working with clients to integrate new technology and the Internet into marketing and advertising programs while still retain traditional media for what it does best.ChessboardRingfull

I work with the principle that, yes the world is changing, technology is change but the fundamental of what people are has not. It has always been these human fundamentals of needs and wants that marketing strives to fulfill and advertising, through persuasive communication, works inform. People are still people but we have new ways to communicate and organize our lives.

For the last 35 years what has been at the heart of what I do is persuasive communication. This could be photograph that makes a product look desirable or a printed piece that was eye catching and told a story of why a product would fulfill a want or desire a person had. Today our communication can reach ever further through the Internet and at the same time we can talk to the individual. Our means of communication have never been greater but so is the challenge to know how to use them.