Salmon Creek Greenway

A walk at the Salmon Creek Greenway with Lori and Jeanette. We started by walking around Klinrline Pond and then went East to see the pond on the other side of the freeway. We then went West through the wetlands to a trail junction and returned to the car. Afterwards we went to McHonely’s Public House for lunch.

Clackamette Loop

This was a scouting of a new walk and it was a good thing I was scouting this as it had several surprises. The first came as the park I planned to park at was almost gone because of construction on the 205 bridge over the Willamette. I had a backup plan to park a Clackamas Park but I found the gate closed and my third backup spot was post with authorized vehicles only signs. I almost gave up but then I tried going to the top of the walk loop in Gladstone and had no problem finding parking in Cross Park. So I started off doing the loop in a different order then planned.

The loop follows along a paved trail along the Clackamas River. It connects through a series of small parks and green ways with some city street walking. The river was running high so I had to make some small deterrers around some spots that were flooded but over all it was good trail. I found the loop had a lot of interesting things to see and one I need to return to with a better camera to explore photographically. Of course the fog on the river help create a great visual atmosphere.

I did 4 miles in two hours. Lots stops for photos and to go explore side trails. I found the folks walking the trail this morning the friendliest I have experience on my walks.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park

We were prepared for rain but it turn out to be a dry day with mild temperature. We wanted to do something that was close by and this was one that Lori had not been to. For Jeanette this regular stomping grounds so she took the lead on this one. Not a regular for Sylvia but she had been there before. When I did my exploratory of the park the real winter wet season had not arrived. This time you could see why this is a wetland and the reason for all of the elevated pathways and bridges. We had some major wind and ice storms a week before but this forested area fair pretty well with just a couple of trees down. After our 4 mile walk we went to McMenamins Grand Lodge Lodge for lunch. We first had some concerns when we saw the menu but finally figured out by splitting a pizza and finding a good beer it was all affordable. After lunch we had fun exploring the lodge and finding the secret passage way.

Memorial, Molalla Parks

We wanted to do a get together after the holidays but weather and injuries prevented us from doing a walk or a hike so we did a little scouting with lunch. Lori, Jeanette and I first headed down to Wilsonville to do a quick check of Memorial Park. The Park offers some trails and could work into a longer hike with connecting over to Boones Ferry Park. Next we were close to where Jeanette planted a tree and placed a remembrance marker for her decease husband and wanted to show use where it was. The area had changed a lot so it took us a while to track down the spot. From here we are off for one of Lori’s favorites a car ferry ride across the Willamette River. This lead us to the Molalla River State Park close by the ferry landing. After a quick drive through the park and seeing it would not work out for future outings it was time for lunch at the Backstop Bar & Grill in Canby. So a day low on walking in the rain but high on poking our noises into places and having a good social time.

Pittock by way of Balch Creek

A New Year morning walk to get the year going. This was a standard Ramble route that I have done many times so it felt like home. This trail gives good elevation gain but there is a lot of wild to enjoy on the route. The walk was about 6 miles in about 2 1/2 hours. I was on the trail at 7:30 am with very few folks around. By the time I was doing last section down Balch Creek the trail was loaded with folks. Lots of stopping and waiting for families to get by. A cold clear morning and a nice way to start a new year.