Clackamette Loop

This was a scouting of a new walk and it was a good thing I was scouting this as it had several surprises. The first came as the park I planned to park at was almost gone because of construction on the 205 bridge over the Willamette. I had a backup plan to park a Clackamas Park but I found the gate closed and my third backup spot was post with authorized vehicles only signs. I almost gave up but then I tried going to the top of the walk loop in Gladstone and had no problem finding parking in Cross Park. So I started off doing the loop in a different order then planned.

The loop follows along a paved trail along the Clackamas River. It connects through a series of small parks and green ways with some city street walking. The river was running high so I had to make some small deterrers around some spots that were flooded but over all it was good trail. I found the loop had a lot of interesting things to see and one I need to return to with a better camera to explore photographically. Of course the fog on the river help create a great visual atmosphere.

I did 4 miles in two hours. Lots stops for photos and to go explore side trails. I found the folks walking the trail this morning the friendliest I have experience on my walks.