Newell Creek Canyon Park

Jeanette and Sylvia were travelling this Tuesday so Lori and I decide to do a short exploratory hike a new Metro Nature Park of Newell Creek Canyon Park in Oregon City. We did 3.5 mile along well cared for trails. The area was mostly made up of recovering forest with lots of understory greenery. The trail system was set up with some mix use, hikers only and bikers only trails. Afterwards we check out retro Mike’s Drive In for lunch.

Full Hole in the Park hike

I was on the trail before 6 am to take another crack at doing the full Hole in the Park hike. I was wearing my regular hiking boots with wool soaks to not have a blister problem this time. Today the weather forecast was for clouds, no rain and mild temperatures. The trail had some muddy patches after all the rain we had had but I was really enjoying all of the fresh green along the trail. I got the whole route in at 10.5 miles and a little over 2000 ft. elevation gain. It took longer then when I was younger at a little under five hours.

Silver Falls South Falls

It was back to Silver Falls State Park with Lori, Jeanette and Sylvia to see a couple of the South waterfalls that we did not get to on our last visit. It was short four mile hike with great scenery. We also visited the Nature Store and the Lodge where I finally got my hot Coco. Afterwards we went back to the Milltown Pub for lunch. With the rain we had to sit inside and decide if you can’t be in garden it is not the place to go.

Benson Plateau Hike

A solo condition hike on the PCT to Benson Plateau. A good variety of flowers were blooming along the trail. The hike was 13 miles with 4000 ft. total gain and on the trail for 7.5 hours.