Durant at Red Ridge Farm

This time we were off for a visit to Durant’s to explore the property and have a tour of the Olive oil making process. This outing was planned by Lori as she had been to the place before. We got there early to give some time to explore before our official tour began. We parked by the wine sampling building and check it out first. From there the path goes through the garden plant section and on to the gift shop. We were to start our tour from the gift shop so we checked in early. We had some time to kill so we walked down to the lavender and flower garden and then returned for our tour.

It turned out that Lori, Jeanette, Sylvia and I were the only ones to show for the tour so we got a private tour. The feature part of the tour was the Olive oil processing area. We were a few weeks early this year to see the crush but it was quite so we could walk around the equipment. After the tour of the Olive oil processing we moved on to the sampling. After an explanation of what there was to sample we left to sample the olive oil and vinegar as much as we wanted. It was a fun time sampling and blending olive oil and vinegar to make different combination. The ladies found several the liked and made their purchases. Then it was off for lunch at Murryhill Taphouse.