Nick Eaton to Deadwood Hike

This conditioning hike uses several trail to make a lollypop loop. I started out at the Herman Creek trailhead at about 200 ft and took this trail to the Nick Eaton Trail. I then climbed up the Nick Eaton Trail to the first summit spot at about 3200 ft. From here I continued along the ridge trail to the Deadwood trail cut off and follow it down to the Gordon Creek Trail. I spent a little time looking for the old Deadwood camp site but it appears to have been wiped it out in the burn. I then headed back on Gordon Creek trail to rejoin the Herman Creek trail and return to my car. It was about 9.5 miles, 3000 elevation gain and on the trail for about 6 hours.

Herman Creek Trail

A hike of Herman Creek Trail. This was my peaceful walk in the woods trail until the fire of 2017. I started on this hike with mind set of doing a walk in the woods but it was another difficult trail going through burn area. I do have give a shoat out to the trails crews that got this trail open again. I could see place where their work turn a lost trail back to a trail with a tread to follow. I went as far up as Whisky Creek and turned around there. I got in 13.5 miles with 2300 ft gain in 7 hours. Biggest happing on this hike was seeing a Momma bear and her two cubs climbing up from top of a waterfall when they heard me coming. I have never seen a bear in the wild before.